Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meet "Quiz"..........

Meet "Quiz", our new shop cat. This little tommy arrived on the property with sad green eyes and a cry to melt the coldest heart. He quickly liked to torment me but not letting me touch him. But I quickly realized that maybe not touching this little guy was for the best. As the days slipped into weeks, I saw signs of malnutrition and loneliness. Customers would try to catch him and his little back legs weren't working well with his front legs. I had had enough. I stopped by the store and picked up good soft cat food and grabbed a blanket to make him a bed. Soon this little cracker with waiting for me in the mornings as I'd drive into the Nursery. He's a good little eater and his little body is slowly filling out. I'm not sure where he came from or where he is going....he is a riddle, a puzzle or a Quiz.... our new addition to the shop.

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