Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet Peas

This is the time of year we all long for more color in the garden, warmer temps on the lawn and dream of days that are to come. Being the optimist, I love arm chair gardening and sketching the early Spring containers and garden beds. But the one my favorites that speaks Spring loudly are Sweet Peas!
These old fashioned flowers, are once again in vogue. Breaking through the warming soil, these nuggets of sweetness are some of the best bloomers and most fragrant in the garden. Soon the sweet pea starts will be arriving. For those of us who fail to plant near Presidents Day, this is like striking Gold. Once you find them in the Nurseries...Plant Now! Here's a little forecast:
From the large petals of the 'White Diamond Wedding' to the darkest flowers called 'Black Knight' these flowers show off. Fragrant, mixed colors and marbleized blossoms dance atop curly stems. Names like Painted Lady, Old Spice and Knee High, conjure up strong images of flowers from days gone by. I'm especially fond of the Knee High variety as they act as a strong addition to any hanging container. Great color mix with long stems need little support as these beauties climb up the hanging container, but plant a few to hang down out of the container too. Using Sweet Peas as a trailing plant can bring pleasure to the passerby. Picking these flowers regularly for windowsill vases produce more flowers. Always let a few flowers create seed as they will assure your favorites for next year. Stay tuned cause the Sweet peas starts are coming.