Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just had to share... this little lovely popped up in the garden last year , in short, thanks to the birds. This year, with Springs length of season, the Hollyhock wasn't as tall but was very striking and showy. Known to the Chinese as a savory tasting leaf, I think I will admirer it at a distance, as rust is prone to these NW transplants. These plants speak of love, the rest I'll let you investigate and finish the story of the Hollyhock.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Light in the Attic

The light in the attic has drawn a few eyes from the passerby this day.
This attic, studio room upstairs in the shop is a wonderfully bright room overlooking 4th street S. The room was unfinished, so a little tiffany blue paint, a good sweep and then I stopped. Whats up with that light box on the ceiling? Four light bulbs cast a cold haze over the room. This will never do. A few garage sales later I found a cigar box full of keys, a dozen punch cups, some dessert plates, goblets and several hands full of old silverware. A little drilling, some celedon ribbon and wire and POOF, we had made a chandelier. Instantly it created a buzz. Some begged to climb the stairs to view it, while others wanted to buy it. But this little lovely is staying here with me in the studio at Bountiful Home and Nursery, so more folks may enjoy the light in the attic.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Junk O Rama

For the second summer, Bountiful Home and Nursery will host Junk O Rama. This fund raising event is an artist gathering of collectors who love to re-purpose, reuse and recycle. From many walks of life this junk tribe will sell treasures that amaze.
In tandem with Junk O Rama is Parasols on Parade, another fund raising event. Five market umbrellas have been given to local artisans to embellish. These amazing and whimsical works of art will be on be on display throughout downtown Edmonds raising awareness for the event and to raise money for the Edmonds City flower fund.
We are passionate about beautifying Edmonds with flowers, so what a better way to get involved, then to give to the one fund that really supports Edmonds beautification. So join us on Saturday August 13th for Junk O Rama in the gardens at Bountiful Home and Nursery.