Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh My...Look whose on Face Book!!

Just to let you know that I am getting more connected. You can find Bountiful Home on Face Book at Bountiful Home and Nursery...stop by and become a fan. T

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Indeed

Coming this week is one of my favorite perennials, Dicentra spectaballis Alba, White Bleeding Heart. Truly, the first promise of Spring. This woodland wonder is a sight to behold. Dangling delicately from long pendulous, leafless stems are small white hearts that open. The pink is equally as beautiful yet a smidge more common. These silent beauties seek shade and rich moist soils, but not soggy. Available in gallons this week, this special perennial will please and delight you for years to come. $8.95 a 6" container

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yellow Lavender

The name itself seems to be a dichotomy, a yellow lavender? How can this be? Welcome Lavadula viridis, Yellow Flowered Lavender. This little charmer can grow into a monster if left to ramble. Short, dense flower spikes with creamy yellow to greenish top bracts and pine scented green foliage and attracts butterflies and bees. For the gardener who wants the unusual, or the weird and the wonderful, Bountiful Home's Nursery is starting to fill up with hard to find plant material and unusual specimens. Visit soon before this Ornamental Herb/ Tender Perennial sells out for the season. Great in containers...Full sun, avoid over watering and protect from hard winters. $4.95 4"pot. Welcome Spring!

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Friend the Weed Lady

Many of you know the story and the iconic woman behind the business and the house. Thirty five years ago, Joan Searle was ahead of her time, making a business off gleaning and gathering weeds then spinning them into wondrous wares to sell and to be cherished for decades to come. Daily I am reminded that Bountiful Home and Nursery exists in the shadow of this creative woman. It was here, at the shop, when I was 14 yrs. old that I learned to appreciate the beauties of nature, the sound of trickling water and the flicker of crickets legs on the porch. This shop was a delight to the eyes and senses.

Joanie, as I call her today, is still a favorite in the shop, proudly perched on the window seat sipping tea or dispensing kind words to the shoppers who are surprised to see her. To me she is a friend and teacher, a creative mind and heart, an artist, decorator, gardener and lover of birds. She is an example I enjoy on a regular basis...Lucky me! So today, before the shop opens and I get wrapped into the business of the day.....I'd like to say, " Thank you" to Joanie.... my friend. Isn't she lovely?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marshmallows are Here

Last year "Swallow" Vintage Pantry and Gourmet Foods opened in the kitchen of the Bountiful Home. Happy Birthday Girls! But what you might not know is that the girls have cultivated quite a following of certain foodie items. So if you are reading this and are might want to leave the room...hahahaha but better on!! Returning this Spring for its second Oscar nod is Butter Baked Goods Flavored Marshmallows. 4 flavors arrived and are selling fast for Easter and to those who love a good s'more! Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Chocolate and Toasted Coconut are here to tempt you. $8.95 a bag. More vintage inspired kitchen products and yummy foods, jams and honeys arrive this month. Stop by for a taste!

Spring is Coming

After a brief hiatus, of inventory and painting, cleaning and dreaming, I'm back and ready to keep you posted on all the happenings with Bountiful Home and Swallow Gourmet Foods. The days will grow longer this Sunday and the Spring light will fall harder upon us. Soon the Nursery will spring open and the unique and hard to find plants will start trickling in....So stay tuned. In the mean time there lots of eye candy inside the shop. This sweet little Sparrow Time Piece is cast iron with roman numerals and retails at $24.95 .

Dr. Dandelion Soap in Lavender and Peppermint Scents ($5.95) have just arrived and Mistral French Milled Soaps have returned with some new scents for Spring. South Seas, Grapefruit/ Red Currant, Blackberry, Lilac of May and Verbena are among the favorites for me. Bars are retailing at 7.95.