Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marshmallows are Here

Last year "Swallow" Vintage Pantry and Gourmet Foods opened in the kitchen of the Bountiful Home. Happy Birthday Girls! But what you might not know is that the girls have cultivated quite a following of certain foodie items. So if you are reading this and are might want to leave the room...hahahaha but better on!! Returning this Spring for its second Oscar nod is Butter Baked Goods Flavored Marshmallows. 4 flavors arrived and are selling fast for Easter and to those who love a good s'more! Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Chocolate and Toasted Coconut are here to tempt you. $8.95 a bag. More vintage inspired kitchen products and yummy foods, jams and honeys arrive this month. Stop by for a taste!

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