Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Silent Beauties

I'm not sure how often we really slow down during our days, and recognize that we are people with great passions and loves. What are your favorite things? Some will acknowledge foods or sports but I will always tell you that my favorite things lie in the garden, the earth, surrounded by growing plants and flowering trees and vines... These are my silent beauties!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gardening as Outdoor Theater

Some gardeners, I believe, use gardening as outdoor theater, with themselves as directors. Some prefer the security of repeating a similar production year after year. Others prefer the challenge of new tableaux each year: the thrill of learning about new plants and how to fit them into the gardening environment is what gives them satisfaction. Some in order to understand the plants who are the players imbue them with human characteristics. They talk to them, praise them, interact with them, move them around the stage, changing the lighting....but, ultimately, if they fail to perform, they reach for the stage hook. I love this idea of gardening and I find myself very much in the midst of this thought. This is a wonderful season we are approaching, Fall. Embrace the season of change.