Friday, July 31, 2009

Leading the season

I love to change up the shop so it reflects the coming season...and despite the HOT week we have endured, I can't resist the warm colors and earthy feeling that Autumn brings. Richness abounds everywhere and I can't get enough of it. SO yesterday, I started to flip the shop into the late Summer colors and early Fall goodness. Vessels that once held stems of pink and blue Hydrangeas now boast golden pears and chestnuts. A large wooden gear, and rustic canvas print of St. John and his lamb, rests a top the mantle, while rusty iron candle sticks layer the scene. A very rusty old chandelier now hangs in the shop, while it waits for the right customer to take it home and hang it from their apple tree. Elements from nature take center stage, and rust stands tall. In the next week, the walls will be covered with a warmer color and the complexion of the shop as I know it today will recline into a Fall daydream. Brighten a dark corner with a new lamp, or reflect some lingering light with mirrors, better yet... let both elements share the same space. Layering is important in this approaching season, and for a good dose of what layering means, drop by the shop and I'll be happy to show you. Creativity is inventing, experimenting, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and always having fun. To the Customer, change is welcomed and rarely ill advised. So while the light is strong and the days grow slower, enter your shop, your home, your room with a fresh eye...a new approach and dare yourself to "Lead the Season."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dahlia's Dahlia's Dahlia's

The Summer heat is upon us and if you are like me.....your'e hankering for a good down pour...24 hrs worth...a good soaking! With the heat comes some tired looking containers and Spring flowers that should be dealt with. My answer!!! DAHLIA'S. These tuberous perennials grow in most zones are a delight to the eye... Hot colors of Reds and Oranges, the Cool Magentas and Pinks paired with soft azure blue can make any neighbor slow long enough to stare and yell across the fence, " What are those flowers you have planted in those containers," which I would kindly wave back and smile saying, Lovely aren't they? Thanks I know! ;-) Dahlia's are water hogs and after you think you have watered them enough....return to it in the morning light and water them some more. They will thank you with many more blooms. Keep these bushes "dead headed", meaning pick off the old spent and faded flowers at the base of the stem. Dahlias can be found in many varieties, bush and bedding in heights of 15 inches to 6 feet high. All Dahlias have strong stems and are great cutting flowers but be aware you might want to shake off the earwigs before bringing them into your home.....those little snappers can live in the blossoms in more rural settings. For some reason, I favor the single varieties with their usual yellow eyes smiling back, letting you know Summer's grip will soon fade to Autumns glory. Enjoy Dahlia's.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Long Time Coming

After much consideration and prompting from good friends, heres the long awaited blog. I'm really rather looking forward to connecting with many of you and those who have grown me over the past few years. Sitting with my good friend Patricia today...aka Tippy Stockton in this insane HOT weather we are experiencing, we have laughed and reminisced about future plans and good times we have shared. Basically always solving world issues as we sip our ice water and laugh, knowing it feels so good to laugh. Coming off this past weekend Bountiful Home hosted 5 wonderful vendors in the gardens at Bountiful Home. Unique antique button jewelry, by Melinda Catalano, repurposed junk with The Salvage Studio, Lisa and Beth, and Chic Jewels for Urban Chicks by Patricia of Tippy Stockton. Debuting for the first Edmonds visit, was Talking Brush Stuido with Meagan and Brad Stockman original Fine Art Oil Paintings and good friends, Sandy and Kimi Hansen with a pethera of art work. These girls can create anything! Shoppers enjoyed it all and I was honored with a visit from Bob and Debi Kennedy of RETREAT and Deco Diva's in the design world. We had a tons of fun and all took home a healthy dose of Vitamin D . Chatter has begun to stage another event like the Vintage Summer Garden Market this if you missed this one.... you'll have another chance to join us in the garden with many new friends.