Monday, July 27, 2009

A Long Time Coming

After much consideration and prompting from good friends, heres the long awaited blog. I'm really rather looking forward to connecting with many of you and those who have grown me over the past few years. Sitting with my good friend Patricia today...aka Tippy Stockton in this insane HOT weather we are experiencing, we have laughed and reminisced about future plans and good times we have shared. Basically always solving world issues as we sip our ice water and laugh, knowing it feels so good to laugh. Coming off this past weekend Bountiful Home hosted 5 wonderful vendors in the gardens at Bountiful Home. Unique antique button jewelry, by Melinda Catalano, repurposed junk with The Salvage Studio, Lisa and Beth, and Chic Jewels for Urban Chicks by Patricia of Tippy Stockton. Debuting for the first Edmonds visit, was Talking Brush Stuido with Meagan and Brad Stockman original Fine Art Oil Paintings and good friends, Sandy and Kimi Hansen with a pethera of art work. These girls can create anything! Shoppers enjoyed it all and I was honored with a visit from Bob and Debi Kennedy of RETREAT and Deco Diva's in the design world. We had a tons of fun and all took home a healthy dose of Vitamin D . Chatter has begun to stage another event like the Vintage Summer Garden Market this if you missed this one.... you'll have another chance to join us in the garden with many new friends.


  1. Whooo Hoooo!!!! You did it! Congratulations on your new blog. I know you will be so successful at it just like everything else you do. Thanks again for such a great time at Bountiful Home. Hey nice pics by the way:)!

  2. Hey Todd! Congratulations on your new blog! Now that you have a new venue (Vintage Summer Garden Market) that was-- by the way--fabulous!!
    You will need a place like this to keep all your fans updated!!
    You Rock!!
    Love Ya! Judy L

  3. I just fell out of my chair. 'Guru'?? LOL that's overstating it just a bit, don't cha' think, 'Mr. Should Be On Design Star'?!!! I'm just trying to keep up with YOU, Todd!

    Happy to see you blogging! I'll add you to my blogrolls. Yes, plural... I have five blogs. Ahem. Now YOU get to try and keep up with ME! ;0)

    The show was just lovely with SO many wonderful things to see, and we felt so warmly welcomed... thank you for your generous hospitality, Todd. OH, and I won Meaghan's drawing! I was so shocked! Ok, so.... when is your NEXT amazing show?!