Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Four years ago this past week, Bountiful Home opened.... and what a ride it has been. Recreated in what was The Weed Lady house, Bountiful Home has found it's place...a modest and cozy shop filled with Old World Home Decor and Nursery. Throughout the past few years the shop has had some huge successes and a few failures along the way....but I'd rather rest on the good things which spur me on each day. Garden festivals and Junk Markets have exploded across the Nursery and scattered the front lawn. Classes up stairs in the attic have warmed the house with laughter and movement and exposes many to the shop. Vintage Markets, away from the shop continued to grow the shop with new friends and more opportunities.
The leaning back porch of the shop is my makeshift office with an incredible inspiration wall. Upon this wall sits business cards and ads, Thank yous and Invites, pages from torn magazines, badges, gift tags, awards and posters. These are all great reminders of where I have come from and ideas to spur me on to where I will go. As I write, the preparations for this weekends 4th Anniversary of Bountiful Home are under way. I'm excited. So drop in on Friday and Saturday and enjoy some tea and cookies and help me celebrate this wonderful weekend.
A dear friend wrote to me in a card the day four years ago, on the eve of Bountiful Home's opening.... "Its twilight outside....and its sparkling inside. As I turned off the lights and walked through for the last time ( before the hoards of people come running in ) I paused and realized I had just walked through YOUR dream come true. Its true I'm living my Dream....please come by and enjoy it with me. Best, Todd