Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Christmas Jar of Twigs

After a lovely day off, I returned to the shop in the stillness of the morning to find a dear friend had dropped off a wonderful bags filled with treasures. Nestled proudly into a brown bag was a trove of eyes delight. Savoring the moment, I pulled the polka dot glittered tissue aside.... my eyes smiled. I lifted a well loved Kerr jar from the bag to rest on my desk. Filling the jar were Hollyhocks stems dried lovingly by the sun. Their creamy fuzzy pods cracking open while still holding the desired seeds of one of my favorite flower. Birch twigs held tiny images of blue birds and smaller wires wrapped tightly around branches held miniature silver snowflakes, now dancing in my vision. Old ephemera books laid under the treasures. My eyes focused on the many findings entrapped with in the jar....shells, leaves, more seeds and small terracotta pots began to blur as my eyes, now swollen with tears, blended them back to their watering home.
I was taken back by my response to the little jar filled with the promise of Spring....but moreover the thought and action from which it came. I have been blessed by some truly lovely friends.... I added a few tiny rose hips and some stray pheasant feathers to the already brimming jar of Christmas cheer. Bits of drift wood and shells, pods and leaves took my thoughts back to where they came from...the garden now at rest! The sender knows me well and she captured the art of giving more then she knows. This simple jar....what a JOY! Bound with a sumptuous striped ribbon, I will enjoy and await the moment this Spring when I can once again return the gift from the Christmas Jar of Twigs.