Friday, July 31, 2009

Leading the season

I love to change up the shop so it reflects the coming season...and despite the HOT week we have endured, I can't resist the warm colors and earthy feeling that Autumn brings. Richness abounds everywhere and I can't get enough of it. SO yesterday, I started to flip the shop into the late Summer colors and early Fall goodness. Vessels that once held stems of pink and blue Hydrangeas now boast golden pears and chestnuts. A large wooden gear, and rustic canvas print of St. John and his lamb, rests a top the mantle, while rusty iron candle sticks layer the scene. A very rusty old chandelier now hangs in the shop, while it waits for the right customer to take it home and hang it from their apple tree. Elements from nature take center stage, and rust stands tall. In the next week, the walls will be covered with a warmer color and the complexion of the shop as I know it today will recline into a Fall daydream. Brighten a dark corner with a new lamp, or reflect some lingering light with mirrors, better yet... let both elements share the same space. Layering is important in this approaching season, and for a good dose of what layering means, drop by the shop and I'll be happy to show you. Creativity is inventing, experimenting, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and always having fun. To the Customer, change is welcomed and rarely ill advised. So while the light is strong and the days grow slower, enter your shop, your home, your room with a fresh eye...a new approach and dare yourself to "Lead the Season."


  1. Just the inspiration I needed. I'm now ready to decorate!

  2. Greetings, Todd!

    Congrats on your entre into bloggorama . . . you're a natural! Hope to see you at SandPoint.


  3. Hi Todd,
    I always enjoy receiving your emails - and now your blog. I'll make the trek "up North" soon and will stop by. Have been busy painting in pastels, and enjoying a true summer!
    Take care,
    Kristy Affolter

  4. Hi Todd... I'm glad to hear you are getting an itch for the change of seasons and to bring in the warmer, richer colors of fall. BUT please don't put away all those beautiful reds, yellow and greens that lace the store now. Our summer doesn't last very long and I'd hate to see all the summer items put away.
    Barb from Shoreline

  5. First off-I am so pleased to see your new beautiful blog. I love reading blogs and writing on my own-especially my book page.

    Second, Autumn is my favorite too. About this time each year I start thinking about my Fall decorations and cozy evenings with tea-lights lit all over the house. After the heat we have had this summer I am even more ready for Fall and some rain this year. Your new ideas in the store sound delightful!
    Kim Fearing Gatz