Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Junk Fence

A little more then three years ago, as I was dreaming of opening Bountiful Home, I had many sleepless nights. Tossing and turning, I'd wake to rethink the dreams I was actively dreaming. On one of those crazy sleepless nights I woke up to see the image of a fence made of other folks cast offs. I saw old bed springs as arbor roofs, glass doors, windows and screen doors as fence sections. Light fixtures turned up on end became planted containers, now adorning the fence, boasting sedums of many sorts. Pickets, lattice, drip pans and mirrors found new homes on the fence. The found objects have become signature in the shop as well as around the gardens. So one man's junk can be an other's treasure. Looking to make something wonderful out of the ordinary, can be an art and a joy. The experience of building it was wonderful and the garden that sits in front of the junk fence is a treat. Wine bottle borders, rusty bolts bouquets and metal rings from broken down whiskey barrels find themselves nestled into a hardy bunch of my favorite plants. The junk fence offers inspiration for all who seek greater joys to live by.

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