Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Herb Lovage.

A tall harvest for the timid gardener. To be known as the grower of the "love parsley" might give you an interesting reputation. It is not a common herb. Grow Lovage as an extra herb and to prove that you can really grow something BIG. Giant sized Lovage is a native to the Mediterranean. In Britain it grows wild in the country sides. Greeks and Romans considered it a pleasant medicinal herb. When herbal perfumes were the rage, it was an enjoyable bath cologne. Lovage has beneficial effects and soothing qualities during intestinal upset. But I like it best plucked from the plant and popped into my mouth. It has a celery flavor with a peppery back. Mature leaves are best on a pastrami sandwich and can reach the size of a small leaf lettuce. Its a back of the border perennial reaching 6 feet tall. Available in 4 inch containers. $3.95 each

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  1. That was fast! The lettuces and the tomatoes are planted. Flowers next!