Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Antique Rose 'La Marne"

The rose that greets every customer entering the shop is known to few as La Marne. This antique cultivar is one of those heirlooms that is lost to many but found by those seeking it's beauty and hardiness. A transplant from Europe in 1915 is the perfect hedge rose. It has a neat and erect bush habit, heavily covered in healthy, shiny foliage. It's a constant bloomer. Not a technical term by any means, but the truth! This little cracker has bloomed well into the first snow and photographed by Joannie the Weed Lady who loved and sold this rose and its buds for years. La Marne flowers are born on loose cluster and its color shows best in morning light. The shrub responds best in open, sunny areas vs shade. I defoliate this shrub in early winter on one of those incredibly sunny winter days in Seattle/Edmonds. Then early Spring I prune it to a stout "V" shape and sit back for the show. Blooming now along the walk up to the shop, I'd challenge anyone to resist this little charmer. Cuttings of this rose will arrive at Bountiful Home this Summer for purchase. Get one!

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