Friday, May 21, 2010

Joanies Cecil Brunner Rose

Approaching this glorious climbing rose, one might view it as a thug, a tangled bevy of thorns, or simply spectacular! I am of the latter thought. When I started my biz here in Edmonds this climbing rose was swallowing the back porch with its layers of greens. Its companion in the knot garden was closing in on the bathroom window, perched on the second story of the house. Joan, the Weed Lady, who planted this rose, would pick these precious flowers in bud form and string them into garlands, make potpourri, and shared them willingly with those who stood long enough to admire it. The rose is scented unlike any other....Some mornings, it's scent captures my thoughts before I am even through the gate. Sweet yet peppery, this tiny, thumb-nail sized pink rose will steal your heart. Perfect in bud, smashing in mid blossom, and even wonderful in repose, Cecil Brunner is a rose to complete any garden. But I will warn to respect this beauty. Cecil is a harsh mistress. Today I enjoy the tales told about this rose and giving her away to those who pause long enough to enjoy!

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  1. I am so happy to have found you on line! I love the look of your store. Sorta my dream to have a little spot like this. Beautiful. I will visit soon.