Thursday, November 18, 2010

Traditions....Simply Abundant

The Thanksgiving cornucopia, spilling over with the fruits of the harvest, reigns an icon of autumn. Derived from the Latin for "horn of plenty," this basket is the most traditional of Thanksgiving centerpieces. Classically, it overflows with fruits, vegetables, gourds and Indian corn. But don't confine this iconic embellishment to the dining table. Cornucopias are warm, welcoming arrangements in a front hall or guest room or on a broad kitcken window sill. Smaller versions.... loaded perhaps with cookies, jams, chocolates, teas or coffees....make a much appreciated gifts.
Although the tradition of the cornucopia is ancient, it's meaning is still relevant today. Because it symbolizes the bounty of life, it can help remind us of the bounty of blessings we've received throughout the year.
I am blessed to be able to do what I love.
Blessings find you this coming season of Thanks. Todd @ Bountiful Home

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  1. Hi Todd......wanted to let you know i posted a blog today that included the sign i bought from you! Love it & can't wait to come back & visit your shop soon!