Friday, November 5, 2010

Beautiful Hydrangeas

Well, its been some time since my last post. Life here at Bountiful Home is moving forward with many new prospects and events that have carried me to this Fall. After a very successful retail show at Ruffles and Rust in Monroe, I returned to the shop to begin the Holiday Decor set up. But it is this season of repose, one of rest and change that I really crave. Autumn is truly my favorite of all seasons. Rich color floats under foot and the rustle of the leaves make the walks in the park more desirable. In my garden, it is the hydrangeas that were spectacular this year. Today before the rain set in I clipped and bundled the beauties so to share them with those who desire the same. Grab a cup of tea and go for a stroll in your own garden....You'll be amazed at what beatiful treasures you will find...perhaps even some Hydrangeas.

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