Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Great Weekend

This past weekend some good friends snatched me away from the shop mid day Saturday and we boated to Everett for the weekend. The waterfront in Everett was bustling with the art show, FRESH PAINT. I'd guess there were close to 50 artists sprinkled along the marina and waterfront. Glass blowers, wood workers, water colorists were all present. Sunday morning a fantastic Farmer's Market sprang up along the street side of the Port of Everett. Fresh Corn cukes and Kettle corn needed to come home with us. It was a great show with many diverse styles of art and artists in action. We dingyed over to Jetty Island which is a man made spit in front of the Port that is kept natural and clean. The sun warmed our skin and slowed down the day as we roamed barefoot along the shore. Toes in the sand feels sooooo good. Reminds me of the summers we spent on the Washington coast in Tokeland WA. Good Memories! It felt great to get away and gave me a fresh perspective on the shop and gardens. I took pics but need to find the cord for my camera so I can load them.... and the Internet has been giving me some trouble so hang tight.... I'll shoot you some pics. Todd

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