Thursday, June 7, 2012

Phoebe... the Tuxedo cat

     Two years ago while working in the gardens here at the shop, I spotted a frail little kitten, sunny herself, that most likely had been dropped off in the alley.  A riddle...  where had she came from?  I will name her Quiz. Who could discard such a cute little thing?  For several days she kept me at bay, only allowing me to view her as she felt the need, but speaking constantly, as if to tell me what she wanted.  Two weeks past and she had grown familiar to the good food, the warm, make-shift bed and the petting she sooo loved...especially in the sun.
    Winter was coming and the thought of her alone in the shop after hours made me pause, so I took her home. But she needed a proper name....  hmmm  I think Phoebe!  Two years have quickly past, and the delight of my day was to get home to find her kind eyes starring back at me from her bed. She rapidly grew in my heart as a grateful little creature who gave me so much more then I ever could have given her. Her happy voice spoke a "Hello Daddy" and her purred assured me I was scratching her chin just right. The evening nudge just before I fell asleep was to say, "Hey, I'm laying here."
    Her tuxedo good looks, long white lashes on her jet black fur, her bluish-green eyes and white tipped paws will forever remain in my heart. 
    This morning she returned to the nursery/ garden where our love affair begun.  The gentle rain washes away the hurt I am feeling.  She is at rest, quiet and free from any pain.  Laced in the cloak of the garden she now rests with the roses and lilies that surround her.  Phoebe, thank you for a choosing me, I love you more!


  1. Oh, Todd. I am so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful girl and you filled her final years with beauty.

  2. I'm so very sad for you. I know the hurt and grief of losing a member of your family! My dog passed away almost 4 years ago and I still find myself at a loss when I think of her. :(