Friday, January 20, 2012

Forcing Branches

Here's a wonderful way to recycle all those branches you might have lost in the passing storm. If you know that the branches are from a Spring flowering shrubs or trees, clean up the branches as best you can and bring them inside. Place them in a vase or bucket and keep the water level about 2-3 inches covering the freshly cut...I mean broken, end of the branch. Then be patient.... and as the outside stays gray and stormy, you can enjoy an early Spring inside. Those once broken branches destined for the firebox or compost can now have a second lease on life by forcing them into blossom inside the house. There many great branches to use. In between the coming rain showers, go for a walk in your gardnes and tell me what you find. Pictured is Magnolia branches.

1 comment:

  1. I'm coveting your Magnolia branches...I'll be right over! Then let's go get some curly willow!!! But no poo on the shoe!
    Deb ;)