Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lavender, Lavender Lavender!

This is one of my favorite times in the gardens at Bountiful Home. 54 steps off Main street, this is Garden and Nursery is known to some as Edmonds 'Best Kept Secret.' Greeted by a rose-line walk and arbor heavy in rose petals the sweet scent of the day follows your footprints. Passing through the second arbor covered by Cecil Brunner roses, you'll brush a hydrangea that will take your breath away. Pure White blossoms with a tiny azure blue eye, smile back as you pass this old growth wonder. Previously formal gardens have fallen into a more 'informal' setting as your view widens into the Nursery behind the shop. It's a confetti of color everywhere! And the voices who see it speak, "Look at the Lavender." Huge mounds of Hidcote and Grosso lavender flank the entry of the side gardens which house numerous types of Succulents, Sempervirens and Sedums. The white bells of the Kiwi vine dangle freely over a newer plot of gardens boasting a study of Lime green, blue-green and Burgundy. Then the row of hydrangeas under the apple tree, scream out in shades of blue to whitish-green. It's Stunning.... if you slow long enough to take it all in. Perch yourself on a bench or step in the garden and breathe deep, and watch for the bevy of dragonflies that sporadically fly through the Nursery darting after bugs and each other. Its Lavender time..... and I'll see you in the garden.

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  1. I was lucky enough to get a bouquet of this lovely lavender yesterday when I wandered down to Bountiful Home. Heavenly!
    Thanks, Todd...