Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Winter Morning Walk

I entered the shop this morning to find several new nose prints smudged onto the window of the doorway. I smiled, thinking, "I hope they enjoyed the simple and quiet view" that is now in the entry way of the shop. This curious space is a delight and a thorn in my side at the same time. The foyer sets the scene, the face and the feeling for the shop.
But it was the garden that I experienced as I approached the front door that stopped me. Talk about a mood setter! Tender green shoots were forcing their little heads surface side to glance back at me. Towering over them were the remnents of the Mother plant from last season, now needing a strong and swift pruning. I pinched myself to think that this is Winter and not a Spring blast! I dropped my bag inside and headed into the garden with a steamy cup of joe and my thoughts. Wandering down into the side garden I was encounraged at the specimens that wintered and looked great. The shockingly bright orange Heuchera Marmalde paired with the leafless branches of the Barberry now hanging heavy with little red berries stopped me. There is color all around me. The lime green trumpets of the Daphe boast bright yellow centers. Old Hydrangeas planted years before now weather any type of sun or shade are forceing brilliant new growth and promise a bumper crop of blossoms this season. And yes, even the weeds that visit my garden are showing color.
In these short winter days, as the light falls low in your garden, get out into your plot of soil and look.....listen....even sit still and enjoy it. You will find life stretching forth. A little clean up and weed pulling and you'll be ahead of the game once the Nurseries start to fill up. Do some arm chair gardening and dream! Dream about setting the mood.... a simple, quiet view, or a brave new face to the world.