Thursday, October 29, 2009

Look to the Rainbow

A good friend shared a CD with me this past weekend. Its Deborah Cox, Destination Moon. Shes singing wonderful standards and ballads with her personal jazz twist. But I was completely taken back when track 4 cued up. "Look to the Rainbow" began to play in the shop and tugging strongly at my heart. Tears swelled and I had to excuse myself to wipe back the tears that seemed to flow rather freely. Now those who know me well, will admit that this is my kind of music, but it was the message that really nailed me. In a time when things are so uncertain and we stare down the barrel at the Holidays....Lets be Optimists! The words of this old ballad haunt my heart. "....tis wine for your lips and a song for your heart. To sing it whenever the world falls apart. Look! look! Look to the Rainbow, follow it over the hills and the stream. Look to the Rainbow, follow the fellow who follows a dream. So I bundled my heart and I roamed the world free. To the East with the Lark, to the West with the sea. And I search all the earth and I scanned all the skies and I found it at last in my own true loves eyes. Look! Look! Look to the Rainbow.........follow the fellow who follows a dream....!" I am blessed to be in the company of many creative folks and friends alike. It is YOU who spur me on! .... who GROW me! As a community of creative people, lets lead those who seek us for inspiration and ideas and be the the joy and be optimistic. It takes so little to create a smile for someone. As the season of Thanks approaches us....lets look to the Rainbow, knowing we have the ability to create joy and "be joy" to someone else. Thanks for your distinctness! Following my dream, Todd


  1. We really feel what you are saying! It's amazing what we see/hear/feel when being present in the moment. There is lots to be thankful for! Thanks for sharing your story...