Monday, October 29, 2012

Sweater Days

     It's a sweater day!  my mother used to say, as she so wisely chose a bulky knit from the chest of drawers, signalling the arrival of autumn.
     This morning I was reminded of her words as I sat in the wing back over looking the street, watching mist outside my window lift giving way to a day, cool and clear.
     Glancing out the landscape beyond the sill was wearing a new mantle.  The dining table near me is boasting a rich-full gathering of gourds, hydrangea's and roseville.  I love this time of the season, as colors bend, time changes and tea becomes the new water.
     Though I never tire of summers freshness, I always welcome it's graceful retreat.  Autumn comes upon us as gently as my mothers attentiveness.  Sweater days.... I love them still.

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